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Using the CFUD template or at least parts of it to outline some quick things about Lucinda.

Name: Lucinda Chang
Gender: Female
Age: 16-- this is the point in time where Lucinda will probably cease aging regularly due to her magic traits.
Height: 5'4
Weight: 130 lbs or about 59 kilograms.
Personality Traits/Quirks: Plucky, curious, eager to please, affectionate, can be a bit whiny, but affectionate. Like a puppy. Gets surprised especially since she's new to being immersed in the magical commune. She finds it hard to accept her magic and what future it will bring her. She even HATED it and wants to throw away her magic at one point and it doesn't help she gets into a lot of trouble being a witch. Lucinda doesn't understand why Amelia chose her to be her apprentice and heir to her title and it takes Amelia to smack some sense into her and tell her to DEAL WITH IT.

Can say incredibly awkward things and than realize only a second later that it was awkward and weird. As you can imagine, this tends to happen when she's confronted with something she's unfamiliar with.

Starts out with low confidence-- she gets average grades in school, she plays piano, but not really serious about it, not the most athletic, and she starts out with sub par magic. Again, it's Amelia's guidance and her being thrown into 'interesting' situations that strengthen Lucinda and her resolve to live as a witch and just have fun while doing her best to improve.

Medical Info: Perfectly healthy sixteen year old! Except for her right arm, but she got better.

Eyes: Dark brown. They seem to glint a silvery blue when using her abilities.
Hair: Shoulder length black wavy hair worn in a variety of styles.
Physical traits: She's of average height with smooth skin and Lucinda sometimes mourns about her hair being a tad bit too dry first world problems. Face is slightly round in shape and her eyes are small. She's curvy for an Asian girl another feature which she frets about first world problems x2.

What's most special about her physically is her right arm. Six months into being Amelia's apprentice and her regular arm gets frozen and shattered into a million ice shard pieces after confronting a Yuki Onna (Snow Woman) that tried to freeze her hometown. Amelia had to construct a new arm for Lucinda using earth and fire magic with a good dose of some ancient fairy enchantment. It looks like a regular arm, but Lucinda and Amelia have worked out a way for her to take advantage of its magical properties to enhance her spell casting. So sometimes it'll glow showing off swirling intricate designs! Only visible to other magical creatures and people though.

So yeah. All in all she got better.

Abilities: MAGIC. It's that handy dandy energy that lets witches and wizards perform incredible feats. It slows down your aging and it manifests itself in different forms depending on the person, but it's almost always light based (i.e. Amelia's magic looks emerald green, Lucinda's magic is silvery blue, Micheal's is red etc)

Envisioning- Basic principle in spell casting blah blah

Enchanted Arm- Blah blah explained above maybe elaborate later.


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